Snowmobile Tours

Travel on our multi day trip with your own snowmobile over frozen rivers, lakes and remote trails in the backcountry. Enjoy from our cozy log cabin a couple of extensive journies in untouched nature and explore Yukon's unique winter landscape.
Or spend a day of snowmobiling on the Old Dawson or remote Livingstone Trail into areas inaccessable in the summer time.
We offer you a local Yukon Winter Adventure !

arrowSnowmobile Adventure- day trip

Go with us on a ride with your own snowmobile and explore the untouched winter nature. Enjoy a full day on the deep snowcovered Old Dawson or backcountry Livingstone Trail ...

Snowmobile Adventure - full day
every day
Price $ 295 CAD
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arrowYukon Snowmobile Tour

Did you never dreamed about exploring Yukon's wilderness with your own snowmobile ?
From our remote cabin we take several day trips by snowmobile on deep snowcovered lakes and on untouched trails. We listen to the howls of the wolves or coyotes and might see the spectacular performance of the Northern Lights...

Yukon Snowmobile Tour - 8 days
upon request Price $ 2875 CAD
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